Frolicking through Sunflowers

I had never been to a sunflower field before, but have always thought they looked so beautiful through the lens of others. Well, Fausett Farms didn’t let me down! They only have a few days left of the season so if you don’t make it, make sure to next year!


It’s a little over an hour north of Atlanta, but well worth the drive. I love taking any scenic route of Northern Georgia as it reminds me of driving in Washington. It’s full of green trees & the mountains are in the background, so I feel very much at home!


The only downfall about this day was… it was over 90 degrees! I mean come on Georgia… it’s October! So the sweat was real! I even over heard a lady (not that the lady was TYRING to be discrete) say, “She looks cute, I wanted to look cute today, but I’d be too hot!” Mind you, she was wearing jeans. She continued talking about sweating for another 3 minutes or so!


Not only is it this beautiful large field of Sunflowers, but there is also BBQ & homemade ice-cream. Let me tell you… this ice cream was DELICIOUS!

They also sold Honey, Sunflowers for $1, and had a little snack stand. What I also appreciated is this place is in the middle of no-where, but they don’t over price anything! Lastly, it’s $10 to park, but there is no limit on how long you can stay! Just go & enjoy the day!

IMG_7415There’s no one I’d rather go explore with than this guy ❤ He’s always down for whatever adventure, hike, road trip etc that I want to do!

IMG_7440Thanks for stopping by!



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