First Hike of 2019

The weather was in our favor this past weekend, brisk in the morning, but reaching the low 60’s in the afternoon. It was a gorgeous day for a hike and luckily we were just about the only ones that thought so.

We headed up to Marble Mine Trail in James H Sloppy Floyd State Park. I had been wanting to check it out for sometime now, but I’ve managed to continue pushing this one off. Not because of distance, but rather I’d end up going to bigger waterfalls. Well, this place has now become one of my favorite hikes I’ve been on in Georgia.

It’s about an hour and half northwest of Atlanta in Summerville, Georgia. To the point we almost reached Alabama ๐Ÿ™‚

We drove up to find a beautiful lake and bridge stretching far out across the lake. We took our time walking over the bridge to the trail head. It was a calm and peaceful morning. Until I heard gun shots fired in the distance. Justin said that’s normal since we are in the middle of no-where Georgia, ha!

Duchess knew as soon as we were getting ready to leave that she was invited along on our hike. She couldn’t stop wagging her tail and running around the apartment. That’s basically what she did when she arrived on the hike.

She wanted to stop and sniff everything and drink all the water in the small creek. She would tug us along the trail as she wanted to continue. Never could either one of us be in front of her.

The hike is relatively easy and dog friendly. It’s less than a 2 mile loop. It has a small incline to reach the cave and waterfall, but otherwise it’s just a short walk through the woods.

Once we reached the top of the hill I began running to underneath the waterfall. The water splashed everywhere, but I didn’t care. I loved this hidden treasure.

We saw a total of about 15 people in the entire park. While we stayed here taking pictures and taking it all in, two other groups had come and gone. Besides that, we had the place to ourselves.

At the end of the walkway is the tunnel to the cave and old mine. It was dark, but had a small drop off into what seemed like nothingness.

We didn’t go exploring to the top of the waterfall, but I did climb the side hill to get a view from above.

This is definitely on my recommend list of hikes and it’s really for everyone. It’s dog friendly, it’s not very long, and it’s not a steep incline. It’s one of my favorite places I’ve been in Georgia because I find this place stunning.

Thanks for stopping by!


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