Crystal Mountain

We went to Crystal Mountain in Washington for 2 days, and although I don’t ski or snowboard I had the most amazing time.

It’s close to a two hour drive from Seattle, but when there is no traffic it’s a breeze. The first morning we left a little after 6 am, and it was a breeze up there.

It’s absolutely gorgeous there and the $25 lift ticket to the Summit is worth it! We stayed up there for majority of the day taking pictures and eating at the Summit House. I mean look at that view!

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect as the sun was out both days! Even though it was in the 20 and low 30’s it felt warm and even at times I had my jacket off!

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Additionally almost all of these photos were taken on our Nikon D3400. I uploaded the pictures to Lightroom CC and ended up not editing any of the pictures in this blog. I’m basically obsessed with this camera!

I also used the long lens to take pictures of Justin snowboarding while I was at the Summit. It’s so incredibly easy to switch back and forth and focus on him snowboarding!

After spending two days at the mountain it made me realize how much I really want to move to Denver. Atlanta has been great, but I’m ready for a change!

As much as I want to move to Denver, I love going home to see my friends and family. I have the best friends who I had a great weekend with and amazing family!

Even though I don’t own a lot of snow gear I was able to manage wearing my Northface and Ugg boots! Guess I’ll need to start investing as we plan on going to Whistler next January!!


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