Nordstrom Live Day 1

New York has been near the top of my list of cities to visit. I was lucky enough to attend Nordstrom Live, which means I get to visit the big city for work! It’s almost a week of fashion, brand launches, and hearing the stories of the founders, creative directors etc! It turned into a week I’ll never forget!

With so much info I am going to break up my post day by day! So here’s a breakdown of my first experience ever in New York!


I arrived Sunday afternoon and took a shuttle with a few Nordstrom girls to our hotel. There was a good amount of traffic, and I kept staring out the window in hopes of seeing something. I saw buildings and graffiti, and every street corner or building made me think of movies that were based in NY!

We arrived at the Standard Hotel a little early for check in but luckily my room was ready. I walked into my room and it was full of gifts from the brands that will be participating in Nordstrom Live! I instantly fell in love with a Dagne Dover belt bag. I wore it multiple times and couldn’t be happier (more details to come later on them!).

We had a little time to kill before our kick off dinner at 6 and we were starving, so we walked to Chelsea Market. We found a cute little lunch spot, Friedman’s, to eat at and I don’t know if it was because I was starving but it was the best b.l.a.t. I’ve EVER had! I was going to take a picture because it looked so good but half was gone before I even realized I never took a picture!

I loved shopping around Chelsea Market. It reminds me of Ponce City Market here in Atlanta, but with even more! We went to multiple shops looking at clothes, jewelry, and little keepsakes. They have over 30 restaurants!

We made it back to the hotel with a little time before dinner. We didn’t know what to expect so I put on a cocktail dress, but added a leather jacket. I love mixing hard and soft pieces to give it a different feel. I wasn’t sure if we would be standing or sitting so I put on my Valentino Rockstud kitten heels and I’m so glad I did. We stood the whole night, so I’m glad I had my comfy heels on!

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It was a great evening as I met other Nordstrom Managers from all across the country! It’s always fun to meet people who have different career paths and interests of where they want to go to next.

We head back to the hotel room and I get ready for bed as we need to get up early the following day. At around 11:30 I woke up to an alarm. I wasn’t sure what the sound was and took a few minutes to wake up. It was the sound of the fire alarm.

I laid in bed trying to figure out if it’s real or not. After a few moments I get up to find my clothes, jacket and shoes to walk out the door. As I’m about to open my door someone comes on the speaker and says to evacuate the hotel.

I open the door to a wave of smoke. My heart starts racing and I begin to panic. I’m alone. I take a deep breath and begin heading to the stairs. A woman sticks her head out her hotel room and asks if it’s real. Based on the smoke I said I assume so…

I open the door to the stair well and walk swiftly down 8 flights of stairs. There were multiple people in the stair well and I’m telling myself to remain calm. A women in front of me is freaking out because she can’t find her friend. I reminded myself again to stay calm, because panicking will only make this worse.

We make our way outside and it’s freezing. It’s in the 20’s/30’s but extremely windy. We get into groups to insure everyone got out safely. After a few minutes we are asked to go to the beer garden across the street to stay warm and get away from the hotel.

Eventually I get restless just waiting to find out what’s going on so I walk back to the hotel to see what’s going on. It’s close to 1:00 am at this point and I see firefighters wrapping up and getting ready to head out. Another couple appeared and asked what happened, and the firefighters said it’s safe now.

I head back to the group I was with to let the know we should be going back to the hotel shortly as they got the fire out. I get back into bed and don’t fully fall asleep until 3:00 am, all knowing I have to be up at 6 am because we need to be at Milk Studios at 7:30 am! We didn’t find out until the following morning where the fire was!

Stay tuned for Day 2!



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