Snakeskin Duster

I wanted to share my favorite new piece I’ve added to my wardrobe. I’m obsessed with my new snakeskin duster. Did you know snakeskin is a neutral? YAASSS! Let me tell you how easy it is to add to your wardrobe:

This duster is under $100 and extremely light weight. I threw it on over a LBD and some short heels for work. When I got off work I slipped on some high heels to go out to dinner. BOOM didn’t even need to change my outfit from work to dinner!

Additionally, on my day off I wore it with jeans and a screen tee! Since it’s considered a neutral you can wear it over a print. Because this is a large print wear a smaller print underneath. However, a screen tee is always a go to underneath as it plays nicely off the snakeskin!

You can easily shop this look by click here!

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Screenshot the picture below and open the app

I’ve also linked another option that’s under $20! It’s such a great deal and light weight for summer! I’ve linked the bag I’m holding too… it’s like I’m Mary Poppins with this bag but it’s not a black hole. When I look inside I’m actually able to find things because they did such a great job making multiple pockets and it comes with it’s own pouch!

If you can’t tell I’m having wayyyy to much fun in this outfit! It’s worth every penny!

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